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Welcome to the website of the Algorithms and Complexity research group at the University of Bristol.

Our Research Interests. Our current research focusses on: Getting involved. We offer BSc/MEng projects for Bristol students (implementation/engineering of algorithms, algorithmic theory) as well as PhD positions in all areas relevant to our research. Students with an interest in algorithmic theory and a solid foundation in mathematics are strongly encouraged to get in touch.


September 2023Paper "Interval Selection in Data Streams: Weighted Intervals and the Insertion-deletion Setting" (by Jacques Dark, Adithya Diddapur, Christian Konrad) accepted at FSTTCS 2023! Adi will present the paper at the conference.
May 2023Paper "Graph Ranking and the Cost of Sybil Defense" (by Gwendolyn Farach-Colton, Martin Farach-Colton, Leslie Goldberg, Hanna Komlos, John Lapinskas, Reut Levi, Moti Medina and Miguel Mosteiro) accepted at EC 2023! See here for a pre-print.
March 2023Paper "Set Cover in the One-pass Edge-arrival Streaming Model" (by Sanjeev Khanna, Christian Konrad, and Cezar Alexandru) accepted at PODS 2023!
March 2023Our PhD students Cezar and Kheeran presented the papers Improved Weighted Matching in the Sliding Window Model and Maximum Matching via Maximal Matching Queries at STACS 2023 in Hamburg!


December 2022Two papers "Maximum Matching via Maximal Matching Queries" (by Christian Konrad, Kheeran Naidu and Arun Steward) and Improved Weighted Matching in the Sliding Window Model (by Cezar Alexandru, Pavel Dvorak, Christian Konrad, Kheeran Naidu) accepted at STACS 2023!
October 2022Paper Instability of backoff protocols with arbitrary arrival rates by John Lapinskas (joint work with Leslie Ann Goldberg) accepted at SODA 2023!
October 2022Paper "When you come at the king you best not miss" by Chhaya Trehan (joint work with Oded Lachish and Felix Reidl) accepted at FSTTCS 2022. Congratulations to Chhaya!
September 2022We welcome Research Associate Chhaya Trehan and PhD student Adithiya Diddapur to the group!
June 2022Raphael Clifford received the Best Paper Award at CPM'22 for his paper The Dynamic k-Mismatch Problem (joint work with Pawel Gawrychowski, Tomasz Kociumaka, Daniel Martin, and Przemysław Uznanski), congratulations!
June 2022Congratulations to our PhD student Kheeran Naidu on his student paper "Space Optimal Vertex Cover in Dynamic Streams" accepted at APPROX 2022 (joint work with Vihan Shah, Rutgers University)!
November 2021Paper "Optimal Bounds for Dominating Set in Graph Streams" by Sanjeev Khanna and Christian Konrad accepted at ITCS 2022!
October 2021We welcome our new Research Associate Dr Pavel Dvorak to the group!
September 2021We welcome our new PhD student Cezar Alexandru to the group!
August 2021PhD student Kheeran Naidu presented his recent work at APPROX'21. Check out his presentation here.
July 2021Group webpage goes online!


Core Faculty

Raphaël Clifford

Christian Konrad
(Head of Group)

John Lapinskas

Chhaya Trehan
Hosted by Christian Konrad
PhD Students

Adithya Diddapur
since 2022
Supervisor: Christian Konrad

Cezar Alexandru
since 2021
Supervisor: Christian Konrad

Kheeran Naidu
since 2020
Supervisor: Christian Konrad
Former Members
Pavel Dvorak (Sept 2021 - April 2022), now at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

Publications (since 2020)

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Algorithms and Complexity research group
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